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Southern Belle Sweet Tea prides itself on providing our customers with premium, freshly steeped sweet tea. Our sweet tea is all-natural with no preservatives, allowing our customers to enjoy the rich authentic taste of the traditional sweet tea from the Southern United States of America. Southern Belle Sweet Tea provides the consumer with an alternative beverage suitable for any age group or event. Ready to drink (RTD) teas are a very popular commodity in today’s market. Although the beverage industry for sweet tea, in particular, has a few competitors, none compare to the quality of our premium product. RTD tea is a million-dollar industry that continues to grow. As people become more health conscience and move away from carbonated sodas, teas are becoming a satisfying alternative. With the added benefits of antioxidants, teas are a natural way to quench your thirst and satisfy your taste buds. In the future, we expect to see many imitators of current products but as time progresses only premium teas will transcend fads and fulfill consumer's desires. Southern Belle Sweet Tea will create a space in the RTD market for customers who are longing for the “authentic” taste of southern-style sweet tea.



Southern Belle Sweet Tea

“Satisfying to the Soul!”

My Story


Sweet Tea has long been recognized as a staple beverage in the south and is an important part of the southern tradition.  With the migration of many grandparents and parents to the Western States, it is harder than ever to find establishments that provide this delicious Southern treat. 

As such, the owner of

Southern Belle Sweet Tea

desires to unite this tradition across the entire United States.

Born in Berkeley, CA and raised in Oakland, CA, Julie Valentine has continued her journey as an entrepreneur.  Tapping into a market that has very little competitors she wants to tickle your taste buds with an authentic taste of nostalgia.  Yes!  There are others out there but nothing compares to the savory taste of Southern Belle Sweet Tea.

Julie Valentine's recipe, an updated version of a generation-old recipe, will have you running back for another ice-cold glass.  Julie is the very proud Mother of 4 children, Jasmin (& Brandon), Ricky Jr., Kally and Jessica(& David).  The loves of her life include 7 granddaughters, Jaylin, Morgan, Lauren, Kalaya, London, Scarlet,  Judeth and finally a grandson, David Jr!  As the oldest in the family, more often than not she has been the one in the kitchen whipping up masterpieces.  Practice makes perfect!  She has a knack for making even the simplest of meals unforgettable.  While a California girl at heart, she cherishes the "southern way".  As a young Mother of four with money tight, one had to be creative while pinching the pennies.  She has been delighting her family for years with her sweet tea.  Usually the first question out of the mouth of any visitor to her home is "Do you have any of that sweet tea?"  Her dream is to pass on a tradition that will represent not only her past but celebrate who she is today.  May her children and grandchildren always remember...that stainless steel pot bubbling with that brown liquid, sweetened to perfection was more than just sweet tea, but a tradition steeped in love that she prays is passed on for generations to come.

Originally enjoyed as a cherished family treat, the owner of Southern Belle Sweet Tea

is sharing a tradition that has been bringing families and friends together for generations.

Begin your tradition today by drinking an ice-cold glass.

Southern Belle Sweet Tea

"Satisfying to the Soul!"


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